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BUDDHA’S HAND CITRON Highly prized in China and Japan for its perfumed aroma. The fruit has yellow rind and contains no flesh or seeds. Small tree.
ETROG A large rough lemon used by Jewish people during Holiday of Sukkot. Fruit medium size with a colour, scent and taste similar to lemon.
KUMQUAT Kumquat trees are small and shapely with dense foliage, and make attractive ornamental shrubs ideally suited to tubs. They are very hardy and after a long, warm summer, produce heavy crops of small, round, waxy, golden yellow to orange fruit. Pulp is juicy and acid-sweet. Use in marmalade, preserves, or eat if fresh - skin and all.


Cross between Mexican Lime and Kumquat. The smooth rind is light yellow when fully mature and can be eaten sweet flavour without bitterness. Fruit have juicy flesh with acid flavour and can be used as a lime substitute.
VARIEGATED EUREKA Introduced from California. Very attractive ornamental cultivar. Fruit smaller than Eureka, often ribbed, and the young fruitlets are variegated.
VARIEGATED VILLA FRANCA Similar to variegated Eureka Thornless variety and very ornamental.

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